Make Matar Paneer with My Ayurvedic Spice Blends

My dear friend Chef Phyllis Quinn has referenced using Bina Mehta spices in the Selene River Press article about homemade Paneer Cheese! Phyllis is a chef, food writer, and founder of Udderly Cultured, a cooking school that teaches how to make homemade fresh mozzarella, butter, yogurt, cottage cheese, and other cultured products. It is an honor to receive a mention in her wonderful article. I invite you to read about making paneer and to try the Matar Paneer recipe at home. Phyllis is absolutely marvelous at communicating the fine details of cooking!

Welcome to a world of new exotic spices, different textures, and mouthwatering tastes!

For spice is the soul of Indian cooking, as my friend Bina Mehta tells me.

A wealth of authentic Indian cuisine recipes are just being discovered by Westerners. The idea that many of us associate curry only with India is interesting. Curry is of course a very popular dish in India and many other Asian cuisines, with Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia putting their particular stamp on this staple. Ironically, my first acquaintance with curry was from a take-away shop (what we call take-out) on the streets of London—but that’s another story.

Paneer is indeed a cheese that can be made at home. Continue Reading…

Ayurvedic Spice Blends to Heal and Delight the Soul

Use my spices to perfect your favorite recipes or use them as an opportunity to try something new. Adding my Ayurvedic-inspired spice blends brings a healing touch and boosts the vibrancy of a wide range of recipes! Inspiration for my spice blends came with me from India, where I lived until moving to the United States at the age of 18. The love and fondness for vibrant flavors has traveled with me across the world and I am so happy to have the opportunity to share it with others! Please email me or leave comments with your experiences and photos! I love to hear from my community about how these spices enhance your palate!

Background on Bina Mehta Spice Blends

I started off hand-blending my spices right in my own kitchen. At the same time I was becoming deeply immersed in Ayurveda training and learning the ancient Indian science of healthy living and lifestyle choices. I have since then partnered with a local co-packer to meet quantity demand. I have searched far and wide for a like-minded co-packer who honors the integrity of the products. I source premium-quality ingredients both locally and from around the world, and high production quality is not a subject I am willing to compromise on. Ayurvedic spice must have the rasa, the ultimate essence of flavor, so ingredient quality is crucial for the final outcome, energetically and nutritionally speaking.

Each of my unique spice blends is available online at Bina Mehta Spices store. You can purchase them individually or in a five-spice package complete with a beautiful keepsake gift bag, made in India by a non-profit vocational workshop.

My team and I sincerely thank you for your support. I hope you enjoy my spice blends.

With light & love,