Universal White Time Healing is a non-invasive form of alternative medicine. This new powerful method is integral to the energy healing process I use with my clients. Universal White Time can clear multiple layers of conscious, physical, mental, auric, emotional, and causal issues, including “etheric garbage,” such as unconscious memories. Energetic issues like these keep people from manifesting their highest authentic potential. White Time healers, including me, have reverence to the hidden laws of the Universe and do not create any imbalances or karma.

White Time healers can see beyond what exists in the present into a timeless continuum of all past and future possible outcomes. During Universal White Time Healing treatment, trained healers place hands on or around the client’s body to improve energy flow, alleviate imbalances, and enable the body’s innate cellular intelligence to heal itself.

In my experience working with Universal White Time, I have personally helped clients with the following wide-ranging health conditions: kidney stones, multiple sclerosis (MS), allergies, chronic pain, cancer, stomach ailments, liver problems, emotional trauma and stress. I must emphasize that the Universal White Time Healing method is very effective at releasing emotional pain, sadness, and worry.


Crystal Healing gemstones, which are natural crystals and minerals, are used during the healing session to focus and enhance energy work. Crystals contain a powerful energy from the Earth’s core that are used in energy healing. Each stone vibrates with its own frequency and that frequency corresponds to human emotions during healing. In a healing session, the healer arranges several types of familiar stones on the client’s body. The minerals may be quartz, lapis lazuli, amber, moonstone, and many others, depending on the client’s ailments & treatment needs. Minerals contain energy within them from the time they were formed deep within the Earth. This memory—energy can be transmitted to heal people and to help people reconnect to their higher selves & their latent energetic potential. Humans are the spark of the Divine energy, a fact of life we just forget sometimes.

The combination of Universal White Time energy with the power of Gemstone Crystal Healing makes therapy work very rewarding and challenging to me as a healer. Energy healing sessions relieve tension, sadness and pain. Clients feel a great weight lifted from their shoulders. People often weep as they remember what it was like to feel happy.

I invite you to come and experience an energy healing session for yourself or purchase a UWTH Energy Healing gift certificate for your loved ones. My calling is to help people remember who they really are and help them discover their true essence.


Below are answers to some of the most common questions I’ve received during my time as a Universal White Time Gemstone healer:

This healing modality can be administered to any living or energetically charged matter. We can use it on plants, animals, humans, water, food, events, situations, wars, places, etc. White Time Energy is powerful, but it cannot interfere with karma or the underlying laws of the universe.

As a White Time Healer, I summon energy from the Universe and become a conduit of the White Divine Blessings of Light. I always ask for the highest outcome for your healing session. I can also help balance chakras, cleanse auras & subtle body energy, and help with balancing your energy on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Every healing session with Bina begins by setting aside a moment to identify goals and intentions. Healers are facilitators of change and the client’s openness to receive White Time energy is essential. The client reclines on a massage table, facing up. All clothes stay on, a pillow and blanket may be used for comfort and warmth. First, Bina arranges several types of familiar stones on the client’s body in particular layouts, specific to the session intention or to the client’s ailments & treatment needs. Beginning at the head, Bina holds her hands just above the client’s body. Progressing in a pattern, she continues, attending to the shoulders, throat, lungs, heart, abdomen, knees, ankles, and feet.
Each of Bina’s clients receives a custom treatment for their unique energetic needs. At the heart of Bina’s healing practice is the combination of Universal White Time and Vibrational Crystal Energy methods. Depending on the situation, Bina also uses these techniques to amplify the healing: Clearing the body’s energy centers; Aura cleansing and balancing; Removal of psychic cords & attachments; Adjusting the vibration of the body using the sound of tuning forks; Aromatherapy with oils and incense.

A Universal White Time Healing treatment session typically lasts 55 minutes long, just less than an hour.

No. Universal White Time healers act as conduits for universal power. Our health is enhanced by contact with this healing energy.

High spiritual beings and light beings have created this unique energy healing form and they watch over those who use this modality. They are present and protective during a healing session. Nothing dark can come from this healing. It is always positive energy.

Universal White Time: Sense of lightness, joy, and beauty.
After a healing treatment the client feels a sense of well-being, a sense of harmony and joy, peace, release, alertness, relaxation. It feels like waking up after sleeping for ten hours. You will experience a sense of lightness and a subtle transformation, which will be noticeable after a few days. It is important to set aside quiet time and listen to subtle emotions that awakened in you.

Yes, Universal White Time healing can be done over long distances. I need to know the address and the full name for the client. The person on the receiving end also needs to be open to receive the energy. If they are not, the healing energy shifts to another object or living being in their space that is open.

We value your business and appreciate your cooperation with the cancellation policy. Please provide a minimum of 24 hours notice when canceling or rescheduling appointments. Because your treatment reservations time is guaranteed for you, full payment is required for the following conditions:

  1. Less than 24-hour notification to cancel or reschedule
  2. No-show or missed appointments
  3. Late arrivals — arriving late for a service may require us to shorten the length of the treatment, with full charges applied, so as not to inconvenience other guests. We regret that late arrivals will not receive extension of scheduled appointments. When booking your appointments within 24 hours, changes or cancellations will be subject to a fee.

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