Cooking Testimonials

Turmeric & Spice is a wonderful collection, a celebration of Indian-based cooking at its best! Bina has done an amazing job at compiling a comprehensive array of recipes from chutneys and party foods to detox recipes and light meals. Each is easy to follow, practical, and accessible for all.

Maria Eugenia Garre / Ayurvedic teacher, Protege of Vasant Lad

Bina Mehta’s Indian spices are absolutely amazing! Her cookbook has become an invaluable resource in our kitchen, and we’ve made several delicious recipes using her spices. The food is not only healthy but also incredibly flavorful and enjoyable. We highly recommend buying from Bina and her team; everything is fresh and of the highest quality. Thank you, Bina, for the incredible spices and cookbook!

Ryan Spencer / The Group Realestate

I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Bina’s food for many years. Not only did it nurture my taste buds, but it nurtured my soul. I am thrilled and excited to have these recipes, so I can experience Bina’s cooking in my own kitchen. I have been spoiled because I cannot enjoy Indian food in restaurants any more. Thank you, Bina, for sharing these recipes that touch your mind, body, and soul.

Robert Nardozza

My wife and I have known Bina for 40 years and have been fortunate to put our knees under her table on many occasions. She is a phenomenal cook and hostess. If it weren’t for the fact that we live 1,500 miles away, we would be there for every class. You live closer. Do yourself a favor and attend one of her classes. You will love it!

N. C. Ram – Vibrant / Indian Cooking Class

Bina Mehta’s exquisite style of cooking is of sublime quality, arousing the sense of awe and wonder with curiosity for the next bite. This tantalizing culinary experience invokes the essential nature of emotion in Ayurvedic cooking known as the rasas.

Matthew Dolezal / Yoga Teacher

Spice Testimonials

[Bina] began cultivating her recipes and changing them into healthier options long before it was fashionable. [She] was on a journey that wasn’t obvious to the casual observer. … By writing her story through recipes that span four-plus decades of sharing food with family and friends, … [she] became a healer. And with and through her unique blends of spices, traditional food is elevated to the sublime.

Phyllis Quinn / Chef Phyllis

Nurture, Care and Share

Attention, “gourmet taste” people! Bina Mehta’s spices are so good they will make your food an absolute daily delight. Bina’s Aromatic Chai becomes a part of your life, and we can’t live without it anymore. Bina Mehta really knows how to create the best food because she is in this world to nurture, care and share.

Silvia Nakkach, who is very familiar with best chai tea and the the devotional art of daily life – Bombay Spice & Aromatic Chai spice blends