What you’ll learn in UWTH- Level 1

Universal White Time Healing is a powerful energy to heal and awaken us, to lead us towards fulfilling our Great Common Purpose. UWTH utilizes the power of unconditional love, sound, light, and all the frequencies of colors to heal. Due to the quickening spiritual growth on this planet, which is happening now at an exponential rate, these UWTH frequencies target a wider and broader spectrum of our needs than Reiki and other related energy healing methods. Universal White Time Healing unites earth and sky energy within our hearts. It can be used on animals, rivers, oceans, humans, places, and events, anything that lives, moves and breathes. As always we are only instruments of the Divine energy, which helps us receive and heal exactly what we need to bring us into balance at the given moment. UWTH gives you access to higher energetic frequencies, keeping you in touch with your True Self while helping others heal.


What you’ll learn in UWTH- Level 2

UWTH Level 2 is just as wondrous and amazing as Level 1.  This course is an “advanced course” in Universal White Time Healing.  In this way, the healer begins to work with creating with the Mind.  In particular, “Light Tubes” are introduced, which are effectively containers of Light used for healings and in other ways.  Light Tubes are an important part of the healing process, as they continue healing well beyond the time of the physical healing session.  In Level 1, students begin to learn how to use some symbols, but in Level 2 the healer/student now uses them more extensively.  More and more, as the healer/student progresses through their training and practices UWTH, s/he becomes aware at how unique and how wonderful UWTH can be as a way of life!
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