Delectable Spice Blends for Ayurvedic Balance, Health & Well-being

Gift Wrap for Bina Mehta Spice Blends

Bina Mehta is a certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant and teacher of Indian cooking classes in Fort Collins, Colorado. She grew up in the exuberant city of Mumbai, India, where many traditions weave together into a rich cultural tapestry. Since moving to the United States over thirty years ago, Bina has been dedicated to sharing Indian culture’s respect and adoration for food and vibrant living.

The story of Bina’s spice blends began when her students asked for pre-blended spices they could use at home. To fulfill their requests, Bina drew inspiration from formal Ayurveda study, family-rooted experiences and insights gathered from teaching Indian cooking. Bina personally performs the roasting for individual ingredients, discerning readiness when the aroma is just right and the flavor is at its maximum.

Recommended for beginners and culinary connoisseurs alike, Bina Mehta Spice Blends elevate daily meals. They are a time-saving treat for families and professionals with limited time to cook. People who adore authentic Indian cuisine, but do not wish to stock the multiple spices necessary, use Bina’s blends for making Indian curries, lentils, and more!

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