Childhood Food Trauma? Revisit “Yuck” Foods

You know the scene. Perhaps you caused the scene. Kid pouts at the kitchen table, staring at the bowl of “yuck” food. Everyone else is long gone. Maybe it was beans or greens…or (shudder) lentils.

The traditional meals many of us grew up eating were maybe not so tasty. At least for a six-year-old, the “health foods” may have left a few scars.

But now you’re an adult. Perhaps it’s time to reconsider your relationship with the lentil. If you haven’t tried them Indian-style, you’re missing out. A simple lentil stew, called dal, is easy to make, low in fat, about a 300 calories per serving, and full of protein. Oh, did we mention they are an excellent base for spicy peppers and spices?

A little cardamom, some cumin and garlic, and your childhood food trauma is all better. Want some more lentil recipes? Download the free ebook on this site or come to a Fort Collins Indian Cooking Class. Check the schedule today!