Universal White Time Healing

Who in their right mind does not want health, prosperity, success, peace, and joy? What if there were no limitations in what we wanted to do and achieve in the realms of human experience? Universal White Time Healing (UWTH), an alternative modality, can open up your creative potential and give you access to an eternal well of possibilities, which is our inner life of thoughts, feelings, emotions, spirit, and our psycho-physical resilience.

UWTH can help alleviate imbalances in the body, mind, and spirit by accessing the body’s innate intelligence to heal itself. This modality taps into the ancient, nonphysical, infinite life force energy that I call unconditional love. Other times we call it the source, creator, spirit, or God. In the movie Star Wars, it is simply called the Force. This invisible energy of the heavens beyond time and space and electromagnetic energy of the Earth unites in the heart during a healing session with the healer acting as the conduit between the client and this energy.

Everything in the universe is made of both energy and matter as Einstein proclaims in E=MC2. Matter and energy or consciousness are two sides of the same coin. Mortals have a twofold nature: one you see is the physical body and one you do not is consciousness or the spark that is hidden in the deepest recesses of our hearts to be reclaimed. This hidden life force energy is part of the unseen spirit that animates humans and every living being in this universe. When I saw the painting on the ceiling in the Sistine Chapel of the image of God breathing life into man, it was embedded and imprinted in my memory and has completely moved me. We received and were gifted with this divine spark of this life force energy which is enshrined in all living beings.

There is a lot more to us than meets the eye because we are multidimensional and multifaceted. We are surrounded by subtle, invisible layers of vibrations of electromagnetic energy that have a profound effect and impact our everyday lives. Like radio waves and wireless waves, we cannot seem them, but they do affect us. We are unaware of this fact of the composition of the human organism, but we are not alone because we are interconnected and interrelated with people, other living things, planets and everything that exists in the universe.

My UWTH work is about restoring balance and resonance to the mind, body, and spirit, with the intention of reclaiming optimal health. This holistic healing approach is a system of inclusion and differs from the approach traditional medicine takes in curing disease. This full spectrum healing modality can clear, rebalance, and attune multiple layers of consciousness, which is physical, mental, auric, emotional, and causal, which is the inner life of the soul. These layers of traumatic, painful, dormant memories, which I term “etheric garbage,” are much like RAM memory in a computer. My intention is to press the delete button on these memories that keep us in dissonance and imbalance. If these are not balanced and harmonized, then they cause dis-ease in the body, which can eventually lead to a disease.

Consider the body as a musical instrument. Each organ has a resonance and tone. Dis-ease and disease basically mean that a body is out of tune, out of balance, and lackluster. My individual healing sessions are unique for each client, helping to bring back a resonance in the body. We work on the physical body and strike an electrical charge in the physical, but a resonance is also struck in the higher realms or octaves that are unseen because of a different frequency. UWTH is entraining, or tuning, all of these organs and body flows to bring back the necessary flow and glow in the body and restore a state of equilibrium, one that is tension-free and full of joy and peace. In this balanced state, the healer facilitates the body’s own intelligence to take over and heal itself. Each organ harmonizes with the other organs to create a radiant, vital symphony of health to reclaim and reconnect to the force dormant within you and manifest your unique purpose. This helps us bring joy and happiness to our lives by fine-tuning our bodies.

In these tumultuous and turbulent times in the information age, there is a quickening occurring on the planet. We are bombarded by information and other stimuli that pull our attention in many different directions and keep us distracted. Tapping into the infinite life force energy can help bring back balance and resonance to the mind, body, and spirit with noninvasive techniques that are less toxic and often less expensive in the long run. Human words fall short in describing this energy, but you when you experience it, you can feel this gentle but powerful energy that is capable of balancing, cleansing, harmonizing, and reconnecting us to our total essence, and igniting our soul’s potential to come into full expression.

Life is a gift to us. As humans, we yearn to seek value, truth, beauty, and meaning in our lives, and a sense of self fulfillment and empowerment of our soul’s growth. I love this quote by Phil Coinseau: “Success is peace of mind attained only through self-satisfaction in knowing you have made the effort to do the best of which you are capable.” Empowerment is achieved through a life of service to your vocation, unique only to you. What we seek is within us, not without. We take the quest to journey within ourselves to reconnect with our unique essence to live life to its full potential. Seek a truer you! It is an obligatory pilgrimage of the soul to the center of yourself to gain the pearls of wisdom from within which lie dormant, waiting for you to receive.

Freedom is our true nature. Inner knowing is at the center of our being or heart. Everything you long for is within you. What are you made of and what are you capable of doing to seek that beauty within you? We are enough, we always have been enough, and we always will be enough. The purpose is to find the aspect of yourself that endures the eternal quest of timelessness, which is truth. We deeply long to live more fully and to step into the flow of the divine, or anusara. So be your own genie and allow the force be with you.

If this sounds like something that resonates with you, you can experience it through a healing session with me or you can even learn the modality yourself by training through the classes I offer. This is part of the inner life training where we have more access and clarity about what that is and how it can help you, your friends, your family, the planet, and the universe.

I have been an advanced level practitioner of Universal White Time Healing since 2002. I trained with Fort Collins’ supreme teacher of the United States, Zari Pirasteh, and have completed advanced training with the Ambassador of Universal White Time Healing Boards, Channie Cha from Sweden.

I have committed many years of study to the UWTH modalities. In a healing session, I am able to skillfully bring about what is absolutely necessary for each particular person in a custom-tailored session. My credentials include: 

  • UWTH Level I-IV practitioner and teacher
  • Teacher and practitioner of the Board of Angels
  • Practitioner of the Boards I-IV
  • Teacher of the Boards I and II
  • Practitioner of UWTH gemstone and crystal healing
  • Board of Gems I-III
  • Assistant Head Teacher/ High Teacher Level 1

What are UWTH Boards? I will attempt to explain them, but until you experience them, it’s difficult to capture the full meaning. First of all, what to the Boards do? They restore natural flow of life, removing resistance and fear, and gives us access to clarity to fulfill our true purpose. This tool takes away all vibrations that stop us from believing the impossible becoming possible. Who can be qualified to do the Boards? This is a gift that has been kept safely till now because there are individuals that can keep the integrity of the Boards with love and respect. These are called the givers, and the people who receive these high frequencies from the givers are the receivers or the clients. It is hard work to be chosen as a giver. The key is we have done the hard work as givers, and we receive these with grace and gratitude.

What is UWTH gemstone and crystal healing? Minerals and gemstones crystals are used during the energy healing to focus and enhance energy work. Minerals contain vibrational energies within them from the time they were formed with sound, light, and love of Mother Earth. This inherent property of minerals can be harnessed to heal people and help people remember and reclaim all energetic potential that we all had at birth. You can have healthy relationships, vibrant health and abundant success, release trauma and blockages. Inspiration and illumination and creativity are gifts from above humans, so having an open mind, body, and will to receive graciously that which has been bestowed upon us.

“My sense is that any healing process needs to be sustainable. People go to the gym on a regular basis to tone muscles and develop stamina. But we never think of toning our emotional muscles—heart, mind, and soul. In the same way we may go to a gym for the physical sides of ourselves we too need to develop emotional stamina. That is why so many physically fit people appear flabby from within and are emotionally unstable. Bina’s Universal White Time Healing with crystals work is an amazing example of this.”

— Kishore Mandhyan, former UN International Diplomat,
Former Chief Peace Keeping Officer in Bosnia, co-author
of the Constitution of Iraq, former Professor of
Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy