The Dollar Bill: A Message of Hope

The fourth of July is in a few days, and what better time to revisit, remember, and respect the principles this country was founded on. Dollar bills pass our hands multiple times a day. Have you noticed the symbols and signs which are there on the US dollar bills and wondered what they mean? We have conveniently forgotten the powerful symbolic meaning and message embedded in the dollar bill by our forefathers. It is time to reembrace their message to bring structure, meaning, purpose, and intention in our lives.

Time has passed since our independence. The pandemic we face today has brought a new perspective of uncertainty. The message that was imprinted on the dollar bill is about unity, equality, and freedom for all its citizens. It’s almost as if our forefathers have written us secret messages in code that we see every day but fail to decipher the message hiding in plain sight.

In Boston on December 16, 1773, tempers rose when the British levied tax on tea. The Freemasons are the secretive international male society believed to originate from the time of building Solomon’s Temple. In the eighteenth century, these masons, disguised as Indians, sailed to the British ships and dumped the tea in the ocean. This event came to be known as the “Boston Tea Party.” After the incident, the euphoric “Indians” marched into a local tavern and disappeared inside, never to be seen again. Later in the same evening many excited Masons, all leading generals in the Continental Army, were seen leaving the tavern. George Washington was a Master Mason. Patriots like Paul Revere, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin and nearly all the creators of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution belonged to the Freemason society.

Thus America, the beacon of hope to all nations, and the land of political and religious freedom, has mystical origins. This aspect of American culture is seen in the Great Seal where the Masonic symbolism is enshrined. The Seal is a symbolic representation of the mission and the identity of the American people portrayed by the great eagle, numerological signs, the pyramids, and the mottos.

The emblem on the front side of the Great Seal is an eagle, which suggests freedom. The eagle is an ancient symbol of spiritual vision. The ability of the people to visualize and to be able to manifest their visions and dreams has made America what it is today. The olive branch in the right talon of the eagle indicates the rule of the Prince of Peace by the authority of God. In the left talon, there are thirteen arrows representing the thirteen original colonies, also represented by the thirteen stars on the original United States flag.

The repetition of the number 13 on the United States Great Seal hardly seems coincidental. It would seem the designer had a purpose to convey. The great mason is God who created the Universe. The Masons are those who follow in the footsteps of the Great Creator. The Masons believe in the science of soul building. The purpose of this is to rise to higher levels of consciousness, to find immortality in God, and most of all, to be free. Each person is responsible and free to design his or her own destiny.

The mottos, annuit coeptis (“he has smiled on our undertakings”) and e pluribus unum (“one out of many”) both have thirteen letters. The number thirteen is by no means an unfortunate number. It represents a change of place and plans, and it is a symbol of power. Ancient writing says, “he who understands this number will be given power over dominion and the misuse of its power can bring disaster upon itself.”

The third emblem seen on the reverse (back) side of the Great Seal is that of an unfinished pyramid. There are thirteen rows of masonry on the pyramid, another hidden reference to the number 13. Additionally, it symbolizes the perfection of the soul. This suggests there is always room for a transformation of the human personality from a state of primitive darkness to a higher level of human consciousness, which will usher in the Golden Age. The awaited Golden Age is the age of righteousness, when men will prosper through cooperation rather than conflict, when everyone without exception will have equal rights. Everything is fueled with love rather than hate, anger, or greed. Honor, respect, and selflessness will be the norm, and man will live not for oneself but for the progress of mankind and for the uplifting of every individual soul.

Elements of the Freemasonry philosophy were adopted by the United States Constitution, which embodies the universal principles of brotherhood. This has been symbolically portrayed on the Great Seal by the eagle, representing freedom and vision of the people; the numerological repetition of number 13 on signs and mottos, suggesting the great architect of the world is God; and the unfinished pyramid, sending the message of work yet to be completed by the American people. Herein lies the culture and the heritage of the people. So behind the ceremony and pomp, on the Fourth of July we can find reminders of America’s mystical origins which have made it the Promised Land. This message can offer grounding, peace, joy, abundance, and good health and hope to all if we can live in unity and harmony.