Healing Versus Curing

Healing versus curing—that is the question because there is confusion between these terms. Our health care system is devoted to curing the disease without considering the mind, body, and spirit connection. The core theme of Ayurveda is that when these three are aligned, we are joyful and in a state of ease and wellness. We are more than our physical bodies. What you see is not what you get. Modern medicine helps the physical part of our bodies through curing, and we should be truly grateful for that. In traditional medicine, curing disease involves eliminating or suppressing it to bring the body back to where it was before it got sick.

Healing on the other hand works on aligning mind and heart, which means if our thoughts and our emotions are in balance, then our physical bodies are in balance, which significantly improves our overall wellness because the body’s mechanisms have the innate ability to heal itself. For example, when people have had traumatic experiences, disappointments, and losses that cause repressed feelings that have not been “digested” then the physical body doesn’t function at its optimum. It is almost like PTSD that has not been addressed because we are always in a state of fight or flight*.

During this time of chaos, crisis, and confusion due to the coronavirus, our nervous systems are in a state of imbalance with panic and anxiety, which increases the cortisol levels in our bodies and affects our immune system, our digestive system, and our minds. It is causing an emotional frenzy within us, which disallows us to make wise decisions. This invisible virus has brought the world economy as we know it to a screeching halt. This invisible virus has demonstrated how we are all so connected and in relationship with everything and everyone around us and how we can affect and infect each other. To combat this, we have been asked to collectively be responsible for doing our parts in overcoming this crisis in unity, and people are cooperating for the greater good, which is an amazing thing to witness in our lifetimes. We have intentionally imposed voluntary isolation in our homes with our families. This is our time to reset our ways to evolve, reflect, and reconnect to a heart-centered and compassionate humanity. We are starting to understand that we are a one-world family completely dependent on each other. We are all learning to come together in unity to help heal this crisis. Collectively if you can provide help, give it. If you seek help, ask for it. There are benevolent people willing to do so.

I am willing to help in any way possible. My skill set is a wholistic approach using lifestyle energy medicine to balance and harmonize the rhythms of mind, body, and spirit. With my Ayurveda knowledge, experience, and studies, my Master Cooking Classes, cookbook Turmeric & Spice, and my custom Ayurveda spice blends, I help to bring nourishment to the physical body. In addition, I use Universal White Time Healing, an energy modality, to bridge the mind from the limitations and blockages of unresolved issues buried at the psychological level for the purpose of bringing ease and peace. A mind is a terrible thing to waste! It needs to be considered as a part of the wellness and health equation for every individual.
To fully understand healing, we need to understand the composition of the human body. To do that, look to wholistic modalities such as Ayurveda. This ancient philosophy offers a wholistic approach to living, which includes mind, body, and spirit. For example, the body has its own wisdom of natural rhythms and cycles that mimic the nature of the universe from macro-scale to micro-scale (i.e. “As Above So Below”).

Our universe as we know it manifested from sound. Sound is vibration, frequencies, and energy. We humans and everything in this universe are part of this manifested universe; thus, we humans are vibratory beings. The human body is an instrument aligned and attuned to these higher harmonious frequencies and is in a state of resonance because it is in balance. This is the mystery and miracle of life: the human body’s innate intelligence to heal itself. It is simple if we are listening to the musings of mother nature. The underlying laws of nature, and these are very well-defined in the movie The Lion King: our innate desire to survive and thrive, to be connected with everything around us, to cooperate in unity with people and the environment, to be loved, to create, and to live the best life we can.

Are we paying attention to the wisdom of Mother Nature and are we listening to her voice? The path of least resistance along our journey is found by gently stepping into the flow of a sacred river without damming it or changing its course, thereby experiencing the unknown gifts that the river has to give and destinations that it has routed on our behalf. Going with the flow, we will glow.