Why Take a Cooking Class?

Back by popular demand, I am teaching cooking classes in 2020! I am very excited and passionate about continuing this journey. My classes will help you define and refine your skills and add new skills to your repertoire.

Joy, fun, and passion are the main ingredients in my kitchen. My job is to inspire you and make the process of cooking flow easily. Once you get to know these ingredients and processes, cooking becomes a joyful, creative experience, and you can create your own dishes according to your lifestyle, tastes, and dietary needs.

I thrive on inspiring people to cook with complex and contrasting textures, flavors, aromas, ingredients, techniques, spices, and more. I teach how to prepare Indian cuisine as well as various processes and techniques that can be used in a variety of cuisines. My class will empower you to create your own delicious symphonies. It’s easy to register for one of my classes. Just click here!