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Experience Deep Enjoyment in Everyday Life Through Dance

Dance, to me, is a sacred movement done in space and time to the rhythm [Read More]

My Grandmother’s Kitchen: Mise en Place

As I close my eyes, I see a flashback in my mind’s eye to those [Read More]

To Mummy with Love; My Journey of Self-Discovery

Happy Mother’s Day! I chose well a mother like you! I have great admiration for [Read More]

Universal White Time Healing

Who in their right mind does not want health, prosperity, success, peace, and joy? What [Read More]

Ancient Rituals for Modern Times: Puja and Yagna

On the day my son Kabir closed on his new house, it was his birthday [Read More]

The Art of Dhrupad

On my recent trip to India, I attended an immersive 14-day Dhrupad workshop through Silvia [Read More]