Savory Mild Duo Indian Spice Set


Aromatic Chai Spice & Roasted Cumin Powder

Bina’s Savory Mild Duo has Aromatic Chai and Roasted Cumin which can be used together as a rub or separately to create many delectable dishes. Mix them together and rub it on chicken, ham, or turkey, or add it to your favorite vegetables. These two spice blends help you create healthy, fast, Ayurvedic-inspired meals at home. With these two savory mild flavors, it is easy to get more nutritious spice into your diet.

Aromatic Chai has the authentic Indian chai masala flavor, as it is served in Mumbai! Roasted Cumin delivers a pungent, smoky impact that works on its own and in combination with other spices. Delight your loved ones or yourself with these easy to use blends! Created in Fort Collins, Colorado without any additives or preservatives. Ayurvedically nourishing with all six flavors and tridoshic support.


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