What Is an Alternative Medicine Healer Really Doing?

Let’s be honest, an alternative medicine energy healer is sometimes considered a bit out there… a little woo-woo. You know? (It’s ok. They know we all think that.)

But here’s what they are really doing with their eyes closed in concentration and hands moving above you. As you lay on the table (clothed) often bundled in a blanket, an energy healer is calling upon their energy source, their higher power or universal energy. Bina says she’s connecting to the Great Beyond. Some, including Bina and other Universal White Time Healing practitioners, also invite the angels, and light beings to support this healing session. Then, fully grounded herself, the healer channels energy through her body, especially through her hands to her client.

Some clients can feel this energy coming in and describe it as a warm or tingling sensation. But even if they don’t feel the transfer, clients usually get up from the table feeling lighter and more at peace. Sometimes they are free of pain or emotional trauma. Not to be left out, the energy healer gets a treatment too. Because she is a vessel for this precious energy flow, she too feels connected to a source and more at peace.

It’s a sensation worth trying at least once… just to see.

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