Universal White Time Healing – Gift Certificate for Energy Healing

This gift certificate will cover the initial consultation visit cost (typically $100, giving you a savings of 20%)! If you’ve always wanted to try energy healing, now is the time!

The gift certificate will be delivered to you (or specified gift recipient) via email. You will also get a direct link to the PDF certificate after purchase. Its value is good for one UWTH energy healing treatment with Bina, for new or existing clients.


Universal White Time Healing is a non-invasive form of alternative medicine. This new powerful method is able to clear multiple layers of conscious, physical, mental, auric, emotional, and causal issues, including “etheric garbage,” such as unconscious memories. Energetic issues like these keep people from manifesting their highest authentic potential. White Time healers have the ability to relieve physical disease, tension, sadness, and pain. Clients report a feeling of a great weight being lifted from their shoulders. People often weep as they recall the sense of happiness, witnessing and releasing old traumas.
Minerals and gemstone crystals are used during energy healing to focus and enhance energy work. Minerals contain vibrational energies within them from the time they were formed, with sound, light, and the love of Mother Earth’s energy. This inherent property of minerals can be harnessed to heal people and to help people remember & reclaim all energetic potential that we already had at birth.