Bina Mehta Indian Spice Blends

When Bina’s cooking class students asked for pre-blended Indian spices they could use at home with ease, she got to work developing a line of gourmet spice blends. She drew inspiration from formal Ayurveda study, family-rooted experiences, and insights gathered from teaching Indian cooking. The freshly roasted spices are uniquely blended for optimum aroma and maximum flavor.

The spice blends—recommended for beginners as well as culinary connoisseurs—elevate daily meals and are a time-saving treat for busy families and professionals. People who adore authentic Indian cuisine but don’t wish to stock the multiple spices necessary to make them, can use the blends for making curries, lentils, and so much more.

Bina’s blends include the six flavors identified in Ayurveda as necessary to fully satisfy the palate, balance the five elements of Hindu philosophy (earth, water, fire, air, and ether), and maintain a strong digestive fire. According to Ayurveda, spices not only are a very effective way to get intense, bright flavors into your diet, but also have been shown to benefit digestion and the immune system.

Bina’s gourmet spice blends include Bombay Masala, Chai Masala, Garam Masala, Maharani Masala, and Roasted Cumin. You can purchase them individually or in a set at from our spice store.

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