Fort Collins Yoga Lady

There are many choices in Fort Collins yoga classes. Hot, Flow, Power… all the buzzwords are pushing Fort Collins yogis to grab a mat and join in. Buns of steel await!

But, I’ll tell you what I am aiming for. I want to be 90 and flexible. I want to be wrinkly, possibly very saggy, and still able to touch my toes. More than that, I want my yoga to continue to bring me joy and peace.

Done quickly, with a focus on muscle development, yoga can be a tool for sculpting the body. But what I am after goes deeper. I want yoga that is focused on connecting people to infinite light, to eternal wells of energy. I want my warrior fingertips to extend beyond the horizon and keep going forever (energetically speaking).

I’m going to be that yoga lady that defies age and expectation. That’s why I like yoga with Bina.

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