Alternative Medicine & Stuck Energy

Alternative medicine can help your energy flow better. White Time Energy Healing with Bina Mehta. The body remembers trapped emotions and physical trauma and stores them in the layers of tissue. If you’ve ever been to yoga and found that your neck or your hips are painfully tight, you’ll know the truth of this statement. There are multiple methods to release this old garbage. Yoga, massage, meditation, prayer, vigorous exercise all help. Though, they are limited in their power. Sometimes they are better for maintaining a balance that already exists.

Energy healing also releases the trapped junk, but more effectively. Going to a healer can root out problems that you can’t get to on your own. Your healer can clear and balance you in ways that your fearful self might not allow.

It’s worth a visit to see how different you will feel. Schedule an appointment now. You’ll thank yourself.

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